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Most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel. In fact, we routinely believe that the aches and pains we feel as we get older, the middle-aged weight gain, or the decline in our health, are all a routine part of the aging experience.  The truth is, many of those experiences can be addressed through lifestyle changes.

Why Hire a Health Coach When You Can Just Go to The Doctor?

“This is how my body is. I might as well get used to it!”

We hire Coaches to help our kids in sports or excel in academics. We hire Coaches to increase team productivity and performance in the workplace or to ensure a cohesive work environment. We even hire Coaches to help us push us in the gym…so why, when it comes to Nutrition, are people so hesitant?

Often times it comes from a place of fear: Fear that we will never be able to change; fear of failure; fear of wasting even more money; fear that you’ll just be disappointed again!

Perhaps you’re worried that others will judge you when they find out. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll have to do things you don’t enjoy or eat foods that you don’t like. Maybe you’re worried you don’t have enough “willpower” or you’ll feel “hungry all the time.”

There’s a difference between embracing life and existing in it.  Ill-health is not a result of aging. It’s a result of an accumulation of unhealthy habits and behaviors, things that can be changed and improved upon with the right Coach.


It seems so silly and extravagant to use a coach!

I just need to have somebody tell me what to eat! I don’t need a coach!

You deserve your best life!!!

Chances are this isn’t your first rodeo. In fact, maybe you’ve tried every diet out there and they worked for a little while until they didn’t.

This is one of the top reasons when people ask me what I do for a living, why they choose not to invest in themselves.

Rather than seeing themselves as worthy of investing in, they name all the reasons they can think of to put themselves last.

Many successful people have coaches:  CEOs, businesswomen, performers/entertainers, athletes–even our own children!  If you want to be successful, why not gather the resources to achieve your goals? You are worth it!


Support and Accountability 

“I’ll never be able to get healthy & fit like I want to! I’ll never fit into my favorite clothes again”

When those doubts creep in, a Coach is always in your corner! Not only do you have a trained professional, you have both support and accountability. A good Coach not only develops a plan that takes into account YOU as an individual but adjusts the plan based on your progress as well as any stuck points.

I’ve been where you are and there’s nothing better than knowing someone is there to help you through the rough spots!


Virtual/Online Coaching

“I don’t have time to work with a coach. I can hardly find time to make dinner!”

Let’s face it! If you’re a career woman with a husband and kids you’re the very definition of busy!  Getting to the gym is hard enough already, so how could you possibly add a Nutrition Coach to the mix?!

It’s true!  Life is busier, more scheduled and faster-paced than ever before!

One of the benefits of modern technology is having access to a Coach, anywhere in the world! Not only can you shop for someone who is just the right fit, you can fit coaching into YOUR busy schedule!

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Proven Record/Proven Results

“How do I know this is going to work?”

The right coach customizes their plans to fit YOUR NEEDS and goals, not their agenda! The right coach also practices a proven system or approach that gets results, helps you achieve your goals and allows you take control of your health.  The right coach has the certifications and educational background, as well as a proven track record.

Before hiring a coach, follow them on Social Media, listen to how they speak, get to understand their core beliefs, see how they interact with others or what others are saying about them. Read their client testimonials and ask your own questions. The right Coach will be helpful, informative and possesses a desire to help others.

The right Coach will also be happy to provide referrals, if needed, to further assist you in your decision-making process. While results will vary based on length of time, the specific habits and behaviors you need to address, your unique circumstances and you as an individual, establishing credibility is just one step in determining which Coach is right for you.


Knowlege is power


“I can just Google what I need to know! Anyone can do that and call themselves a “Coach”. Why bother?!

Stop for a minute and consider this, “How’s that been working for you?”

Finding a Coach isn’t like drawing a name out of a hat. Do your research! A good Coach will be certified, have experience and past clients who are willing to share their experiences. The right Coach has the training to help you make meaningful lifestyle changes and will do it in a way that takes your needs and what’s best for you into consideration. Thinking of the right Coach as a “team member” in your health and wellness journey.  The right Coach should be willing to work with other members of your support team so that you can achieve the best results possible and in a safe and healthy manner.

Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

“My best friend just lost 40 lbs. on the cactus juice cleanse! I’ll just do that!”

A good Coach recognizes that one size does not fit all. You are a unique individual with unique goals, a unique lifestyle, and a metabolism that is different than anyone else’s. In fact, there is no one quite like YOU! You didn’t get unhealthy overnight.  In order to change your body permanently, you have to make changes in your habits and behaviors. Sure, a quick fix might last long enough for the payment to clear, but it isn’t going to last you a lifetime!

Life Happens

“I’ll just get P-90x and do it myself.”

Exercise is just one component of Health & Fitness. Things like sleep, recovery, hormones, stress, peer/family dynamics, as well as what and how you eat, are others.  A good Coach will help you shift your thinking and give you the tools you need, so you can break through plateaus and take your health to new levels—not just for your high school reunion, but for a lifetime! The right Coach will also adapt your program, specifically to your life and your situation—no matter what challenges come your way!


Trish Marmo

Trish Marmo

Founder and Creator of Fitness MOMents® LLC

Trish Marmo is on a one-woman mission to help busy women over 40 “wake up” to becoming their best selves and reclaim their health and fitness! If you’ve woken up to the fact that what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore, or you don’t recognize the person you see staring back at you in the mirror, then let’s talk! Schedule a Breakthrough Session here or learn more about how I can help you here!

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