Trish Marma, Health & Wellness Coach
Trish Marma, Health & Wellness Coach

“And THIS ladies and gentlemen is what can happen when you hire Trish to help you clean up your nutrition! No cleanse, no detox, no special protein or other pills or wraps. Just good healthy, portioned controlled food! {With Trish’s 60-day Meal Plan} not once did I feel deprived. Yes, I enjoyed indulgences such as pizza and chocolate a few times – even went on vacation. STOP buying into the hype of this product or that product…the secret to fat loss/weight loss is YOU! Thank you, Trish!”

Jenn M., 36., N.J., Full-time Mom, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Mom of 2 

“I don’t even remember how, I “met” Trish through FB, but shortly thereafter, I joined her 90-day program. Before Trish, I was in a size 14/16, or an L/XL189 pounds and my core strength was awful. Today I’m hanging tight at 171, about a size 12 and the pants I’m in today are a Medium. And yes, I wore a 2 piece to the pool because I was PROUD!!!”

Tara B., 34., N.C., IT Project Manager, Mom of 3 

“I can already feel {changes} happening for me after 60 days! I never want to go back to my sugar eating lazy ways!! I thought I was just getting old! Turns out I was making myself feel old! Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so so much, Trish!! Your program was so wonderful and easy to follow, you’re a life changer ?Thank you so so much, I’m so honored! I want to add your meal plan was fantastic, I feel a million times better, thank you so much for all you do!”

Suzie H., 34.,CA., Sales Consultant, Mom of 2

“The reason I signed up for the six weeks program, Six Weeks To A Better You was that I decided at age 65 it was time to take control of my health. Trisha takes you through the course step-step, giving you the basics of food and nutrition. She not only teaches you how to eat healthily, but that healthy food can taste good if you know how to prepare it. During the course, she has daily recipes that are easy to learn and enjoy.

Since I am older I knew that I wouldn’t be keeping up with the younger people in the group but Trisha takes a hands-on approach. She was very accessible all during the course and I, with Trisha’s guidance, adjusted the program to fit my own personal fitness requirements.

The program is well worth it because of Trisha’s knowledge and personal interest. She takes time with each person through her website and in our private group. Well worth the time!!!!”

Olivia H., 65., FL., Federal Employee, Mom of 4

“Before working with Trish I wanted to lose weight and improve my energy levels. Not only was I having a hard time losing weight, I was having difficulty balancing both eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle; everything that had worked before was failing me. I’ve worked with Trish in the past when she designed a meal plan for me, but I felt like I needed a refresher course to get back on track. I was able to lose inches which was spectacular! I would recommend Trish’s 1:1 Coaching Program Better By Design to anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change and who isn’t looking for a ‘quick fix’. She will help you make changes in your life for your future–not just for the present! Trish, your sincere dedication to your clients does not go unnoticed! Thank you for all that you do! 

Lisa L., age 50., FL., Marketing Manager., Mom of 2

I began working with Trish with the goal of “losing weight” what I quickly discovered was something much more profound. Being in the fitness industry I had the tools for losing weight and Trish reinforced what was already in my tool chest. I knew the right choices and foods that worked for me what I didn’t see was the unhealthy pressures or stress I was adding to my body when I didn’t make perfect choices. After speaking to Trish biweekly, during my six weeks Better By Design program, I learned quite a bit about myself and adjusted my goals to have a happier, healthier relationship with food. In the end, my expectation and goal for working with Trish adjusted and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Trish was more than understanding of this major shift for me, she was encouraging, compassionate to my needs, caring, and just an all-around pleasure to work with. No matter what your goals might be Trish is wonderful to work with and is one of the most encouraging and empathetic coaches around!  

Samantha S., age 32., N.J., Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor/Realtor., Mom of 2

“Trish  Marmo’s “Do-it-yourself” program Six Week to a Better You®, has exceeded my expectations. Every week is an awesome new learning experience!  Trish has provided me with the tools I need to help and support me in my fitness journey.  From her weekly emails to her posts and support in our online group, as well as the most informative Webinars.  If I had any questions, Trish was there to answer all of them, immediately.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is very well- rounded and supportive, and truly cares about every  person she comes in contact with on a daily basis.

I have learned so much from Trish and I cannot wait to continue my fitness journey with her by my side–guiding me along my way.

Thank you, Trish!!! You really are the best!”

Janice T., 38., PA., Office Manager., Mom of 3

“The Trish Marmo fitness/nutrition experience in one word? IMPRESSIVE!! Being fairly well versed on the workout and nutrition scene myself, though from 15 or more years ago, I was not only impressed with Trish’s knowledge of nutrition and exercise, as it applies to any situation, but also her ability to address injuries from years past, and workarounds. Her availability is second to none. I believe her response times to ANYTHING I asked was better than what I could get from a trainer in my own backyard. And she’s 3000 miles away. Though the “official” program is only 6 weeks, Trish is still there supporting my efforts throughout my journey to achieve my goals, and she makes this HER goal too. My rating of her program and support? A 10+ !!

Since June 20th I’m down 26 lbs. My blood pressure was 110/79 today. Cholesterol went down from 250 to 153. Triglycerides went down from 143 to 92. LDL was 172. Now 89. Non-HDL-cholesterol was 201. Now 107. Cholesterol/HDL ratio was 5.1. Now 3.3.”

Mark D., 55., N.Y., Manufacturing Engineer, Dad of 2


Call me crazy, but I signed up with Trish for her 60-Day Better By Design Coaching Program the week before Thanksgiving! I’d like to point out that I not only enjoyed going to Holiday block-parties, I also went out to restaurants, ate desserts and enjoyed drinks. Before working with Trish, I felt “FAT”! With Trish’s meal plan, I eat three meals a day, plus snacks twice a day and was never hungry! I was shocked to see that In eight weeks I lost 5lbs., 3 1/2 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my thighs and went on to lose 10lbs. overall. I feel great in my clothes and like I’m finally back on track! This experience has had such a positive impact on me, not just physically, but mentally! Thank you! Thank you!

Deborah N., 51., F.L., Bookkeeper and Executive Assistant, Mom of 2

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