The Truth about Cleanses–4 Myths Debunked

The truth about cleanses- 4 biggest myths debunked     Thanks to much of what we hear in the media, the term "cleanse" has earned a reputation for being unhealthy and even unsafe. When you hear the word “cleanse,” you immediately think of all-liquid diets,...

The Stress Mess: How stress can mess with your health

Stress It seems like in today's modern world, there's no way to escape it. Stress is inevitable. Having some level of stress in our lives is normal and healthy. Stress can be a great motivator: propelling us to take action--to make a change, to do...

8 Reasons To Hire A Health Coach

ost people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel. In fact, we routinely believe that the aches and pains we feel as we get older, the middle-aged weight gain, or the decline in our health, are all a routine part of the...

Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies

Did you know today is National "Blondie" Day?  Sorry, Debbie Harry, I wasn't referring to you! 😉 For a chocolate lover like yours truly, I don't ever need a designated day to enjoy chocolate...but who am I to argue with a Nationally recognized day to...

Kicking off the New Year Right!

[clickToTweet tweet="80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February and only 8% of people who set resolutions, actually achieve them!" quote="Did you know that 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February and only 8% of people who set resolutions each year, actually...

Trish Marmo working on her computer

I’m Trish, a 49 year old Mom of 5 and Health & Wellness Coach. I live for my children, find joy and beauty in the most unlikely places and will never say no to walks on the beach!

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