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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the Fitness Lover in your life?  Well, look no further than the Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Fitness Lovers! Inside my FREE Gift Giving Guide you will find product by product descriptions, as well as my personal recommendations as a Health and Wellness Coach.

As a Health and Wellness Coach specializing in weight loss and helping women get their “bodies back”, this list was originally developed after receiving hundreds of emails from women all over the world looking for help in finding useful and affordable at-home workout equipment.  After countless replies, I decided to put together a comprehensive list, which I now use for customers of my at-home workout and nutrition program, Six Weeks To A Better You® 

I am willing to bet, that you know a smart, savvy, kick-@$$ woman in your life who works hard to hold down the fort, keep the house in order, attend to the kid’s every need and still tries to take the time to make her own health and fitness a priority! 

Or maybe that there’s someone in your life does everything for everyone else, but never takes time for themselves?  Perhaps it’s been a long time since they’ve worked out?  Maybe financial constraints or having “one more thing to do” makes joining the gym a slim possibility?!  Maybe that person worries about taking time away from the family?

Whatever the situation–whether it’s fitting in workouts between naps and loads of laundry, preparing healthy meals between sports and homework, or yearning for that time when having the tools to work out at home can make the difference, this FREE GIFT GIVING GUIDE can make all the difference!

DOWNLOAD MY FREE Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Fitness Lovers!


In it, you’ll find a collection of Fitness Products I both use and recommend, as well as a comprehensive list of Wellness Services and Programs designed to meet women where they are in their fitness journeys.

Ladies, if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you are) I encourage you to print this out, bookmark this page, or share the page link with your awesome guy and give him some direction this Holiday Season!

As you know, Self-care is one of the most important components of health and wellness and yet it is the most often neglected.  Is self-care even on your radar? Read more about the Importance of Self-care here.

And fellas, if you’re the ones reading this, encouraging your wife or special someone to take of herself communicates to her that you love and value her! Being a modern woman is no easy task!  We’re expected to do it all, take care of the kids, and still have energy left over.  When women shift their energies from always doing for others to doing for themselves first, an amazing thing happens.  Instead of being tired they actually have more energy!  Instead of feeling self-conscious, they begin to feel strong, capable, and empowered!  Instead of feeling overwhelmed that actually feel less stressed!

Give someone you love the “Gift of Fitness”


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