Trish Marma, Health & Wellness Coach
Trish Marma, Health & Wellness Coach
Do you ever feel like you want to change gears with your diet but don’t know where to start?

Is Clean Eating something you’ve heard about, but feel skeptical about trying?

Like it seems difficult or hard or confusing?

I want to introduce you to Chef and Food Blogger, Stacy Christopher of  In the coming weeks she will be creating special clean eating menus tailored just for followers.

To kick things off, we’re offering this 3-day plan designed to make a quick-start change simple and enjoyable. You can easily stretch it out to a full week or longer by repeating the recipes.

Included in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd installments of the Spring 2017 3-Day Fling to Clean Eating are highly nutritious and totally scrumptious recipes for breakfast Oatmeal Bowls, fantastic salads for lunch and yummy Buddha Bowls for dinner.

If some ingredients are unfamiliar (though they may be old friends!), I’ve included a few notes on sourcing ingredients. Items such as agave syrup, palm sugar, flax seeds, chia seeds, quinoa and couscous come to mind. If you live near a Trader Joe’s, Costco, or Walmart, all items listed can easily be found.

If those grocery outlets aren’t near, a quick Google search will provide many options for purchasing online.   A big component of clean eating is lessening the amount of toxicity in our foods, as well as upping the nutritional content. Given that, I recommend purchasing organic products as much as possible or that you’re budget will allow. If organic isn’t available, you can still make inroads by washing produce well and/or by purchasing imported whole grains (i.e., pasta made in Italy or Basmati rice grown in India). Typically, other countries have more strict guidelines than the US regarding pesticide use. it’s much more likely foreign foods will contain less to no pesticide content than domestically (unless specifically labeled organic).

Above all, do what you’re able and let the rest be okay. Everything is a work in progress and a constantly evolving journey. Even the smallest of steps are enormously helpful.

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A message from Stacy:

I am so excited to introduce you to – and announce Earth to Salt’s newest partner – health and wellness coach, Trish Marmo.



I searched far and wide to find a health and wellness partner whose philosophy matches my own. It was a tall order, and something quite tough to find in our existing health and wellness industry. And amazingly enough, she was right here in my own backyard, Santa Barbara.

 Most importantly, I wanted a partner who was body positive and accepting of all body types, and the full spectrum of what wellness truly means. I was skeptical I could find the inclusive person I was searching for. But after following Trish’s blog and Facebook page for six months, I was convinced.

It became clear that Trish supports goals others set for themselves and steers clear of defining what those goals “should” be. Many flocking to her page initially believe their priority is weight loss. However, over time, it’s fantastic to see how for most that focus switches to strength, mobility and well-being.

One of the things Trish and I share is a value for clean eating. We live in a world that makes it extremely tough to have easy access to foods that aren’t toxic, unhealthily manipulated and don’t do more harm than good. We’re surrounded by foods that damage our operating systems and make things difficult before we’re even out the gate.

But now, more than ever, is a great time to deconstruct how we approach food.

There’s so much inspiration and instant availability of information at our fingertips! We’re moving out of an era focused on processed foods and now questioning the practices of mass manufacturing.   We’re embracing – and returning to – a higher level of intimacy with our food sources. Local and organic farming throughout the country, awareness and concern of food ingredients, “guerrilla” gardeningfood forestspermaculturesustainability – the trending terms are multiplying each day and leading us toward a more gratifying experience with the food we eat.

Body positivity is replacing condemnation.

People are learning that loving food leads to heightened awareness of making sure that our food is worthy of our love. And where food’s concerned, love should always replace fear, as it leads us in the right direction. When we are afraid, we stick our heads in the sand. We can’t see where the problems exist.   But when we love our food and appreciate what it provides us, we stop wanting it covered in chemicals, manipulated in the root of its DNA, processed to the point of toxicity, manufactured in such mass quantities that it’s grossly harmful to our environment and bodies, or thrown away when there are many hungry people to be fed.

To kick off our partnership, I’ve created a collection of recipes for

We’re calling it the Spring 2017 3-Day Fling to Clean Eating, and will unveil a full set of recipes over the next few weeks, which will include three different options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Included are super easy recipes designed to give a kick-start momentum for putting good fuel into your system. These are recipes you’ll love eating, will up your energy levels, nourish your appetite and leave you feeling deeply satisfied.






The first installment of the Spring 2017 3-Day Fling is breakfast – three different, highly nutritious, and totally scrumptious Oatmeal Bowls.


Island Oatmeal Bowl


In the second and third installments, you’ll find recipes for some fantastic salads for lunch and yummy Buddha Bowls for dinner. By entering your name and email address below, you’ll be able to “unlock’ today’s Island Bowl Recipe, in addition to two others:

    • “Chocolate Chip Cookie” Oatmeal
    • “Almond Butter and Jam” Oatmeal

Trish and I look forward to sharing this with you and invite you to join the 3-Day Fling to Clean Eating today!

Island Oatmeal Bowl

Island Oatmeal Bowl Recipe

Servings: 1 // time: 20 minutes

Ingredients: (use organic if available)
1/2-1 cup already prepared oatmeal*
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1/4 cup sliced fresh fruit**
2 tablespoons unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tablespoon toasted slivered almonds
1 tablespoon agave syrup

Directions: Stir vanilla, coconut oil; chia seeds into warm oatmeal. Top with sliced fruit, coconut; almonds. Drizzle with agave. Serve.

*I find 1/2 cup of oatmeal to be perfect, but if hungrier, use a full cup of oatmeal.

**My favorite combo is banana, strawberry & kiwi, but any fruit is delicious.

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Stacy Christopher

Stacy Christopher

Chef and Food Blogger at Earth to Salt

Stacy Christopher is a wife, a mom, a business owner, an author, and a chef inspired by the amazing Mediterranean environment of California’s Central Coast and the connection food creates between people.

Degreed in journalism, she spent many years in San Francisco writing about food, restaurants and chefs. She returned to her hometown of Santa Barbara where she married, started a family, continued her culinary pursuits and founded her food blog She remains infinitely motivated by her passion to create recipes and by the area’s unique climate where the earth of chaparral mountains meets the salt of the sea.

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