Bye-Bye Baby Belly™

Every MOM’s MUST HAVE whether you’re newly postpartum or your child is on their way to College!  Bye-bye Baby Belly™ is a 6-week program that helps get rid of your belly pooch, by correcting the separation of the abdominal muscles that causes your belly to sag making you appear pregnant, even when you’re not! This condition, called Diastasic Recti, is common to Moms and is totally correctable WITHOUT surgery! For full details, click on the link below!


◆ Mom Flab ◆ Jelly Belly ◆ Pooch ◆ Mummy Tummy ◆ Kangaroo Pouch

The nicknames might sound cute, but “ DR” or Diastasis Recti certainly isn’t! “DR” is a medical term for a separation in your abdominal muscles that causes the dreaded “Mommy belly!”

✔︎ If you’re frustrated by workouts that don’t work.
✔︎ If you’re convinced that the only way to get your body back is to have surgery
✔︎ If you’ve ever said, “ I’d be happy with my body, if only my stomach didn’t stick out!”

then this plan is for you!

No crazy diet or cleanses!
No pills, shakes, or wraps!
No 2-3 hour workouts!
No crazy cardio sessions designed to drive you into the ground!

It’s not too late! Whether you’ve just had a baby, your kids are in elementary school or your children are in College, this plan is for you– Even if you’ve never had children!


With the  Bye-Bye Baby Belly™plan you’ll get:

1. An easy-to-use FREE tool to check for separation in your stomach muscles: “5 Simple Steps To Check For DR”
2. A step-by-step, weekly workout routine and plan to help heal and close your “DR”
3. Eight (8) simple, yet effective, movements designed specifically to strengthen your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and help close the gap
4. Bonus topics addressing the benefits of sleep, proper nutrition, hydration and safe supplementation
5. Peer Support 
6. 1:1 Feedback from Me
7. Lifetime Membership in a Private Closed Facebook Group***


What this program will NOT help with:

Stretch marks: These will fade in 1-2 years time on their own
Excess skin: Weight training and time, as well as proper hydration and nutrition can reduce and improve the appearance of excess skin. Improving your core strength does affect how your tummy looks since muscles give shape.
Hernias: Bulging of the internal organs through the gaps in your abdominal muscles; this is a medical condition.

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“Before I started my fitness journey, Trish Marmo was someone I looked up to for inspiration, a beautiful person inside and out. Thanks to Trish, I started with improving form on my main lifts, learned what foods worked for me and when it worked best to incorporate cardio. She was there for me through all the bumps and bruises of a novice bodybuilder. She still continues to guide and inspire me to this day. I can't appreciate her enough for what she has done for me! I feel like a strong, beautiful and capable young woman.”

Cheyenne M. age: 20, F.L.

“After almost thirty years and raising four kids, my doctor told me that I had to make a change. After reviewing the Fitness Moments’ site on Facebook and communicating with other members, I felt I had a family of believers that would support my fitness goals. But it was Trish and how "real" she is when she shares that made the difference. Simply put, Trish is tenacious leader who helps people get results and why Trish has my loyalty--what she does works! It also helped that working with her was like talking to “one of the guys”."

Peter V. age: 51, F.L.

"A fantastic experience. Able to answer anything I asked. Experienced with a lot of the same life issues as I have or had!"

Anonymous. age: 38, Australia

"I’ve already recommended the program (Six Weeks To A Better You) because it's worked so well for me!"

Sandra G. age: 48, I.L.

"A few years back I went through a very difficult time. I was upset with the direction my life was going, how I lost control of my weight. I felt depressed and I felt I let myself down. I saw Trish's information on Facebook, I was immediately impressed of how she took care of her self and how open she was with her journey. So one day I got on the scale it read 230, I started working out, watching her and trying to keep up and in 5 months I was down to 194, I was lean, I had 12-14% body fat. I was so proud of myself. I owe it all to Trish! Thank you."

Mike H. age: 48, M.O.

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Trish Marmo for several years. I not only consider her to be a valued friend, but a capable and trustworthy colleague in the fitness / wellness arena as well. I know her to be dedicated to her family first, her clients second and her career advancement third. I enthusiastically recommend Trish as competent solution for all your health and wellness needs."

Ren Jones. NASM CPT

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! Trish who has helped me with my journey. There is nothing more rewarding knowing that I now have a friend and mentor who has helped me improve my health, not only my physical appearance, but above all, my self-esteem. Trish put me on some new healthier eating habits. My liver that was once enlarged is now back to normal size. Trish is a woman of strength, courage and dignity; one who values health and fitness. A woman who will not give up on helping people with their fitness goals regardless of how many obstacles stand in the way."

Adam J. age: 36, N.Y.

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