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As many of you might already know, I’m a no-frills kind of girl, with a penchant for flip-flops and fuzzy slippers. While my choices in footwear sometimes run hot and cold, there’s one thing that is a must–WARM FEET!  I grew up in the south…in the Florida Keys to be exact…and one thing I can’t STAND is having cold feet! That’s why I was super excited when Kushyfoot asked me to try out some of their products!  Best known for their “Flats-to-go”, they also have a large selection of toe coverings, socks, knee-highs, tights and slippers!


Although it’s been years since I’ve worn a pair of flats (KUSHYFOOT where were you in my 20’s)?!?! their compact size makes them perfect for slipping into your purse to carry with you after a long day at work or a fun evening out!
The athletic socks were great: soft, comfy, AND they kept my feet both dry and warm, but I have to admit that the best item I tried (and by far my FAVORITE) were the Yoga socks!


At just less than $6/pair they were PERFECT for my early morning sesh at the gym!I lift weights and the BEST footwear for heavier lifts are those that allow you full contact on a flat surface. With Kushyfoot’s toe-less socks, I was able to keep my feet warm, feel the ground with my toes and (best feature yet) feel secure with their non-slip sole. The next time you’re looking for “underwear for your feet” consider giving Kushyfoot a try! 

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