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Let’s face it, when it comes to getting healthy there’s a TON of information out there!  From tips on how to lose weight, to advice about what and what not to eat.  As a Health and Wellness Coach, I often come into a client’s life precisely at the time they are ready to throw in the towel.  It’s not that they lack the desire to change, it’s that there’s SO MUCH information, it’s hard to parse it down and figure out where to begin.  Throw in labels like: “Fat Free” “Sugar Free” “Gluten Free” and well, it sounds like our options should be pretty straightforward, but big food companies are manipulating what’s in our foods, just so they can claim certain “attributes”.  “Fat Free” might be truly free of fat, but it’s filled with SUGAR;”Sugar Free” products might not have natural sugar in it, but instead a long list of chemicals that no one should be putting in their bodies; and “Gluten Free”?  As smartBUN knows, ” A carrot is a gluten free product and a rice cookie is a gluten free product...but the carrot is a whole food..{whereas} the gluten free cookie, on the other hand, might be full of sugar, fat and starch.”  So instead of being excited that we have so many options, we’re often paralyzed and left wondering:  “How do I know if it’s even healthy?”

While you all know that I’m known for my purist position on eating whole foods whenever possible (as in, it should be the rule not the exception), I’m also a realist.  When it comes to my clients and their long-term success,  if a client is not eating and enjoying their food, success is likely to be short-lived, if it’s achieved at all.  I am a huge proponent of working within a client’s likes and dislikes, as well as their personal goals, which is where smartBUN comes into play.

Bread, rolls and cakes have often been the bane of a “dieter’s” existence!  Looking to lose weight?  Better ditch the bread.  Want to get in shape?  Avoid carbs at all costs.  While “Complex Carbohydrates” should be a healthy part of your eating regimen, sometimes people don’t want to think about whether the carbohydrates on their plates are “healthy” or not.   smartBUN takes the guess work AND the carbohydrates OUT OF THE EQUATION!  With 10g Protein (that’s more than a slice of Ezekiel Bread), 12 g Fiber, and only 72 calories per bun, smartBUN truly “outsmarts” the competition.  I also loved the fact that it is NON-GMO! By utilizing only the fibrous parts of oat, rice, corn and flax meal, smartBUN has crafted a bun with a soft-texture and an almost sweet, yet nutty flavor (I tried the sesame seeds version).  Although I expressed to Dave, from smartBUN that I’d prefer that “erythritol” (listed as 5th of one of the Top 5 ingredients) NOT be on the list (Dave, how about Organic Molasses instead)?  and I did notice natural flavors on the list as well, if I have a client that had a preference for bread, issues with Type-2 Diabetes, or a diagnosis of Celiac Disease, I would recommend smartBUN as as a “better-for-you” alternative!  For my “label readers” out there who might hesitate before buying smartBUN you can check out these articles on cellulose gum and polylysine here.  For those of you who want the “Readers Digest” version, Cellulose gum is a thickening agent, made from the walls of plant/wood cells and polylysine is a naturally occurring product of bacterial fermentation (alcohol is “fermented”) which acts as an antimicrobial, keeping your smartBUNS fresh and free from mold!  For those of you with high blood pressure or sodium restrictions, smartBUN is higher in both sodium and potassium, so just make sure they’re in line with your doctor’s recommendations before placing your order.

I’ve enjoyed two smartBUNs in the past week!  Once with my Tequila-Lime Salmon Burger and again with my my Grilled Tri-Tip sandwich.  It’s probably been a few years since I last had a bun and I have to admit, I really enjoyed it!  Maybe Dave will let me try some more this summer and I can share them during a back yard cook out?!  Thanks for the opportunity Dave and if you end up talking to the folks at smartBUN yourself, be sure to tell them that Trish Marmo over at Fitness MOMents sent you!

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