Trish Marma, Health & Wellness Coach
Trish Marma, Health & Wellness Coach

We all have the power inside of us to “get healthy”, “look better” and “feel better”. We just have to develop healthy habits and take practical steps to get there.


When my kids were little and I was smack in the middle of “motherhood”, there was a mom with a little boy in my son’s preschool class that I had a “fit-crush” on. Even with two kids of her own, she just exuded this energy that was enviable.



She had great skin. Beautiful shiny hair. Muscles.  She even had abs!


I would later find out that she lifted weights with her husband and ate clean, but I didn’t know or understand any of that then, I just thought she had “magical powers”–at least that’s how it appeared to me!


Now that I’m older and (thankfully) WISER I realize that what she embodied wasn’t some secret formula.  On the contrary, she had “something we all have access to.”  There wasn’t a secret sauce, but she did incorporate 10 Healthy Habits into her lifestyle–the same habits I depend on every day.


These Healthy Habits are something that we all have access to.  We all have the ability to embrace them, we just have to, well, EMBRACE them, incorporate them, practice them and utilize them. EVERY. DAY.


Just like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz had the power inside her all along to find her way home, we have the power inside of us to “get healthy”, “look better” and “feel better”. We just have to take practical steps to get there.


You’ll notice the tips here are written with families in mind, but the pointers apply to everyone.


If you can bring your family to health and establish healthy habits early, not only do your children benefit, but you will benefit too!



Top 10 Healthy Habits of Fit Women



  1. If you haven’t yet, transition yourself and/or your family NOW to clean/healthy foods. Get rid of the obvious offenders: juice boxes, fruit juices, sodas, boxed/processed or pre-packaged foods (i.e., snacks, chips, cookies, mac-n-cheese, cold cereals…the list goes on and on). Don’t know what healthy eating should look like?  Sign up for my FREE 10-Day Clean Eating Challenge to learn how!


  1. Cook your own meals at home at least 80% of the time AND plan your meals in advance (just two or three days). You don’t actually have to cook them advance unless that helps the chaos, but at least plan. Sure, it might seem that it costs precious time, but the benefits are too good to deny.



  1. Don’t use food as a reward or punishment. Use sticker charts or points to reward your kid’s behavior if you find they need incentives. Working as a family should be a reward in and of itself.


  1. Keep junk out of the house! If it’s not there and you have to drive to get it, you and the kids will be less tempted.



  1. Eat protein and a veggie at every meal (for yourself). Both take longer to digest and will help you feel fuller longer.


  1. Eat snacks like almonds and an apple, cottage cheese and berries or string cheese and a pear as snacks.



  1. Drink water all day (great for your skin, helps you look and it helps you feel good). As another benefit, hydrated skin appears less wrinkled and diminishes the appearance of cellulite!


  1. Don’t eat off your kid’s plates and don’t require your kids to clean theirs. If your kids are full and they’ve left food behind, put it in the fridge if cost is an issue. Otherwise, praise your kids for stopping when they feel full. If dinner is over and they feel hungry, ask them to wait 20 minutes (the time it takes for our minds to recognize whether or not we are actually full). If anyone is still hungry, offer a piece of fruit, like an apple, that is high in fiber.



  1. Get at least 8 hrs of sleep (seriously, this is no joke)! I used to stay up past midnight to clean, do laundry or just have quiet time. Your body releases hormones which cause you to store belly fat {Coritsol} and sends signals to your brain to increase hunger cues when you’re operating on too little sleep. Getting sleep whittles your waist!


  1. Do one thing just for YOU each day. It doesn’t have to be big. I get up before my kids now and go to bed early so that I can work out or enjoy a quiet cup of tea before the house erupts into chaos. You will be amazed at the ways your life and your body can change






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